Whose World Is In Your Head?

Staying healthy in the sick world is not easy. From birth, we are being programmed at the cellular level that disease and deterioration of the body and mind is a “normal’ part of our existence and there is not much we can do about, but manage it ‘effectively’ with the help of ‘experts’ to reduce the suffering.

When we are born, we depend on our caregivers for survival. Our minds are clean pieces of paper (well… almost) they start writing on their rules and ways of thinking. Most of us, don’t question the validity of the information that is dumped in our young, moldable minds. Any attempts to disagree or rebel get stifled on the rise in the name of ‘teaching you how to fit in the society to survive.’

As we grow older, we go to school to “learn’ more how to be compliant and accept the ‘knowledge’ and directions without questioning…  and the consequences of being a rebel are not worth the trouble for most of us.

Then we get a job. By this time, we are fully conditioned to conform and take directions from the boss… in the end, we need this job… now we have to survive on our own. To make our life ‘easier’ we accept anything that our tribe thinks is best for us.

Ministers, priests, rabbis, spiritual gurus tell you what you need to do to take care of your ‘soul,’ to make sure you don’t end up in ‘hell’ after death and rip all benefits of being a ‘do-gooder’ before this horrifying moment.

The psychologists help you deal with your emotions (cope?)…. eventually… maybe…

The doctors and pharmaceutical companies take ‘care’ of your health (or disease?) to make sure you stay alive long enough to be profitable.

‘Experts’ and ‘authorities’ are always there, bombarding us daily with their ‘solutions’ to our problems… And most of us think we are free to choose, in control, well taken care of… but are we?

The vast majority of my clients when they are asked ‘Why do you think you have this disease?’,” Why do you have this or that problem?’ reply along these lines: ‘I am under tremendous stress!’…  and then go some varieties: ‘my spouse is difficult. He does this and that to me’; ‘ My children are troubled’… my job, my boss, my life… fill the blank… someone, something, somewhere…

We are so used to putting responsibility for our wellbeing and happiness on someone or something outside of ourselves that we even don’t realize that we get caught up in the never-ending cycle of self-distraction. Most of the people define ‘healing’ as ‘absence of pain,’ and that is what they are looking for — a pain reliever in any form. Even coming to a ‘healer’ in the last hope.

In the first couple of years of my ‘healing’ practice, I thought so too. If I helped someone to get rid of pain or a particular disease, I felt my job was done. But when people started coming back with different types of pain or illness, I realized that something was amiss.

I started observing my clients’ language and their relationship with the ‘problem.’ I was astonished to see how versed they were in medical terms and describing ‘MY back pain,’ ‘MY arthritis’, ‘MY heart problem’, etc. … and how little they knew about the basic functions of their bodies and minds and what it requires to stay healthy.  The most used words would be ‘MY doctor says….’

At some point, I realized they were looking for just another crutch to help them walk through life, while their abilities of self-reliance and self-maintenance were deteriorating. Some even got addicted to regular energy boosts and would call me on the regular basis to ‘chat’ about every day ‘problems’ and get it ‘fixed’.

Sure, I could’ve kept collecting the fees and ‘support’ them energetically indefinitely, but I didn’t want to be in the same row as most of the doctors, psychologists and, unfortunately, some healers.
I had to completely reevaluate my approach to ‘healing’ and what I do. I closed my website that wasn’t reflecting anymore who I was becoming and reduced the number of healing sessions substantially. I took some time to restore my being and get clarity on how I can utilize my ability to serve my clients more effectively.

My first and foremost goal now is to help you see through the deception of cultural and social programming; to encourage you to think for yourself and to realize that you and only you are responsible for the life you create, including your health.

Question everyone and everything, including me, until you arrive at the truth that is yours and only yours.
If you ask me now what the foundation of true healing is, I will state without hesitation: deep knowing and understanding of who you really are and staying true to yourself. Not an easy task, providing the length of time you’ve been accumulating someone else’s directives of what is right for you… but with determination and persistence, it can become a very exciting journey of self-discovery.

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