My name is Brian Morse, and I help people heal.

Some refer to my line of work as Medical Intuitive; some call me Energy Healer. None of these labels resonate with me since they have a slight tint of ‘new age’ mystery. Nevertheless, I use them for the lack of better terms and ease of communication.

I do have an ability to identify ‘medical’ issues in a human body intuitively, but I never label them with medical jargon. All that I ‘see’ is merely energy blocks and stagnation in the electromagnetic system of the physical, as well as etheric/energy bodies. More importantly, I can dissolve them and restore the energy/life force flow to its optimal level.

Although most of my clients report full or significant cessation of pain and symptoms after the first session and many recovered from long-standing debilitating illnesses, I can’t stress enough, Medical Intuition and Energy Healing are not a panacea for all your health and life challenges. Indeed, it’s a valuable supportive tool to expand your awareness, to deepen your understanding of the root causes of the issues and, of course, to give your body an energetic clean up to ‘jump start’ its self-healing abilities.

Having helped thousands of people from all over the world to make the first steps toward healing, I’ve learned a great deal about what makes humans tick… or not tick, for that matter. True healing is a process that requires determination to be healthy again, complete re-evaluation of your lifestyle choices that undermine your well-being and taking actions.

I am here to guide and support you on your healing journey.

Please, take time reviewing my website. Here, in addition to Medical Intuitive and Energy Healing Services, I share practical and, most important, natural healing solutions that have proved to be useful for regaining your health and wellbeing.

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