Introductory Medical Intuitive Consultation Request

To help you make an educated and aware decision whether I am the right person to assist you in your healing process, Free Initial Consultation is the first and essential step.

Before requesting a Free Initial Consultation have a clear understanding of my approach to healing by reading the F.A.Q. and Healing Program pages. 

Please, provide ONLY your NAME, AGE (not the birth date) and contact information.  Do not describe your symptoms or indicate the diagnosis.

After receiving your request and before the phone consultation, I intuitively analyze your energy template to see what is going on in your body now, what has happened over your lifetime or what can potentially occur in the future. I identify top-level energetic disturbances that have already manifested on the physical and emotional level and any weak points where disease can take hold in the future.

All ‘illnesses’ start as blocks/stagnation in your energy system long before they become detectable in the physical body. Identifying ‘negative entities’ attachment in your energy system is the first and most important step of the energy analysis.

During this session, we will discuss my findings, and you can express your concerns and details of your health issues.

The fee for a full  Medical Intuitive Analysis and Healing Sessions is established during the free initial consultation.

The program duration depends on the complexity of your health issues.

Once you decide to proceed with a Complete Medical Intuitive Analysis and Healing Sessions, you will be sent a PayPal invoice via email, which has to be paid before the scheduled time.

All sessions are conducted exclusively over the phone or Skype.


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