Introductory Medical Intuitive Consultation Request

The 20-minutes Introductory Medical Intuitive Consultation is designed to help you make an educated and aware decision whether I am the right person to assist you on your healing journey.

Before submitting your request, you must read the website in its entirety and have a clear understanding of who I am, what I do, and my approach to healing.  

To make the Consultation efficient and effective review the detailed and genuine experiences of my clients and the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Please understand that this Consultation is a prerequisite to a Full Medical Intuitive Healing Program, so it is expected that you are potentially willing to invest your time and financially able to pay the program fee. (I do not provide hourly sessions).

The duration of the Program and the fee will depend on the complexity of your health issues and will be determined during the Consultation.

Please, provide ONLY your Name, Age (NOT a birth date), and accurate Contact information. DO NOT describe your symptoms or indicate your medical diagnosis in the ‘Message’ field. You will receive an email from me to set up the time for the Consultation within 24 hours.

I will use your name and age on the request form to analyze your body energy and identify the organs and systems that function in a diminished capacity and your overall physical and emotional energy ‘charge.’ We will correlate my findings with your present symptoms and the ‘official’ medical diagnosis if you have one.

There is no obligation to commit to the Program after the Consultation. The accuracy of my analysis and our energetic compatibility/resonance are the most important determining factors of the successful outcome of the Healing Program. It will become evident during the Consultation.

Note:  Some people confuse me with other healers/shamans/mediums with similar or the same name. I do not have any social media accounts, YouTube videos/interviews, podcasts, books, etc. I am a very private (and busy) person. This website is my only representation.


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