Amazing Healing Story from a Mother of an Autistic Child

I was at a loss when I found Brian. I had erosions in my stomach, post parotidectomy with an egg sized tumor cut from my head, suffering for 6 years with head pain, not just a headache, crushing pain with vomiting and passing out.  Even after the surgery they were down to ONLY  once or twice a month but lasting 3 days.  2 surgeries on my back, rods, screws, I could no longer handle gluten without passing out and couldn’t even lift my right leg without manually grabbing it at the knee. 

I was in treatments with a chiropractor who gave me relief for a day or two and taking high doses of pain meds (none of it killed the pain), acid reducers,  high blood pressure meds,  Trips to the hospital for Shots to kill the headache,  living on ice and heat packs.  My anxiety was through the roof.  The emotional “FAMILY”  sludge I was buried under had me leaving the house less and less.

Top that off with being the single parent of a  14 year old child diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum, Psychotic Disorder NOS, Severe Anxiety and OCD.  Attending a Therapeutic Day School.  He requires 24/7  1:1  supervision.     So Much Stuff    The quality of my life, HA !   I felt there was too much Quantity of life left to deal with.  Dad is 3 years MIA.


Every Day, I wondered when I would just pack it in, stop dealing with the therapists, the doctors, case managers, teachers etc. etc.  DMH, SSI, Healthcare, and the overwhelming pressure of alllllllll that comes with a special needs child.

All the while reading book after book, scouring the internet on how to:  Identify my Child, heal my child,   try this diet, that therapy, hang him upside down, sit on him, get him on a trampoline,  $250 a day therapies, give him a bath in CLAY.   FEEL GUILTY  Do it all again the next day  if I could wade through the paperwork to find my bed.

And that’s where I was up until July when I came across Brian on the web.  I don’t know why, I didn’t scour his site, get references or pick apart his process, analyze the ways. I felt it was right and I went with him.

The initial call and then later an hour discussion was free, and that was even better.   We talked, he identified me, my body, my pain, my soul and we went to work.

Day 3 –no headache and I have not had a headache since !   No longer taking those drugs . My blood pressure is now normal There is No Searing –stabbing Pain in my hip and leg anymore.  NONE!

I am active and Rowed across the lake several times, and wasn’t in pain after.Walking everywhere, housework AND Playing ball with my son. Oh yes, and SLEEP – I SLEEP at night.   I even have dreams for the first time since my childhood nightmares. –   and he helped me work on those too!   So much SLUDGE off my sould.

So – I’m so excited right?   Brian mentioned he has worked with Autistic Kids and the process of clearing and balancing.  It worked for me – I am bouncing up and down telling everyone!  I haven’t even been back to my chiropractor, neurologist, or ENT.

So  my son was next. On Aug 4  Brian spoke with my son for the first time. My son’s breath has always been bad.  I mean smelling like feces bad. Urine DARK DARK  and with a strange – bad odor than lingered

Peeling – he has been peeling/picking his fingers for years and when the anxiety increased several months ago, he began with his toes.   Ripping so much skin, down to tissue, he wasn’t able to walk – and eating pizza he had to get up and rinse his hands with cold water until the pain went away. THAT’S  GONE and his skin has all grown over now.

 Hostility- Meltdowns. These would come when he didn’t understand what was going on.  Something interrupted “THE PLAN”.   The game didn’t work right, a kid said something or LOOKED at him or Suddenly he would relay something minor that happened at school, perseverate on it,  ask WHY WHY WHY did that happen, this would continue and he would be spinning out of control and melt right down into a pile of tears.    OR Whip a shoe at a teacher, Smash something out of Nowhere sometimes.

 NONE of these have happened.  He is in more control of his emotions and can hear me when I explain /process  a situation  but it no longer  The End Of the World  for him.

Safety:    This is my biggie.  The self -safety piece.   Examples, opening the door to get out of the car before coming to a complete stop or at a red light because he just wasn’t aware of his surroundings.Lighting matches, just to see how to do it.  Turning on a pan, putting oil in it and going back to his room.  

Lighting  10 candles in the living room while I shower. Walking out the door, because he can’t find me – though I was in the Same Room. Unable to cross a street.

Here’s my biggest stress – walking into the store together, I turn to grab a cart and he’s gone.  Just GONE.  This happened so many times.  I would spend the first 5 minutes running around looking for him, the next 15 crying, yelling until I found him quietly standing in an aisle.  Just standing there.  Not looking at anything in particular.   When he saw me… “oh, Hi Mom”  with a sweet little smile.
I was a wreck.

That’s OVER –  These past 2 weeks we can walk into a store together, he will go off and LOOK for something  AND come back to me.  “Here mom, this is the #6 paintbrush it says to use on that project”    Me, I am still in shock but LOVE LOVE LOVING Every New Awakening in him.

ATTENTION:    We haven’t been able to do anything together, other than watch a movie or tv show.   Any craft or game, he is done in 10 minutes – and on to the next mess.. and mom is cleaning up, while watching what he’s doing next, and now he’s pulling out food, and the kitchen is littered with game pieces and and and

BIG SURPRISE   We are painting, and not just painting, we got some Bob Ross DVD’s  and some paint.   He watched The ENTIRE HOUR and Painted with it for the ENTIRE HOUR –  Not melt downs, no disappointments,  if he messed up he heard Bob say, there are no mistakes, just happy little accidents or incidents and showed us how to correct them.   There isn’t paint from ceiling to floor – brushes and stuff stayed all in the area.    AND he wanted to do more.—hence the #6 brush  — we have done it two more times.    And I’m not hanging over him or doing the usual point guard posture around him.
We are doing something enjoyable together – for hours !!!!   he’s there,  he’s here,  he is out of his head and with me.  Talking,  sharing  – even offering suggestions and corrections to me.  Telling ME, it’s just a painting for enjoyment Mom.  I’m crying – and the art is hanging – and we have plans to do it again tomorrow and he told me he can’t wait !!!

When he finished camp this year – 18 days in August, I was met with rave reviews.   He was kind to the younger kids, and took a mentoring role.  There were NO meltdowns and all staff reported improvement in his self awareness.

 School started last week and I’ve already heard of his ability to move from class to class – remembering what book to bring and where to go !   MY SON !!!   Walking in a hall without 1:1

He can play guitar – it’s his thing.  He’s bright, but the guitar alone in his room is his sanctuary.   To my surprise he offered to learn bass and play at church with the 3 adults singing.   He was given directions and sheet music to bring home and try.

5 Days Later – He played 3 Hymns with them – on the Bass, which he has never had a lesson on.

That was Sunday…just a month after Brian first spoke with him. More is coming, every day we see more.  HE SEES MORE.  He Feels More.  His conversation ability has drastically improved.  8 years in social skills classes didn’t give the improvement I’ve seen in the past few weeks.   You know that feeling you get when you look at your child – like there is something playing in his head so loud, and he/she  is listening intently so they aren’t aware of the world or you.  Well you’re right, it’s exactly what’s going on in there – and Brian was able to clear that out.

Every year, since he was 6, I’ve taken him fishing, every year we are done in 10 minutes and that’s if we even make it to casting A rod.   Aug. 22, I bought him a rod/reel kit.  Showed him to tie a hook on, showed him the bobbers – again he looked at me like he had never seen any of these steps.  He delighted in purchasing BIG Worms and he watched me bait the hook  and then did his !   He casted for an hour!

That night, he caught a big fish – it jumped off but we saw it dangling in the air and that big smile.  He sat on the dock alone for another hour and kept it up.   We went out in the row boat and he was fishing away, so PATIENT! 

The 3rd day – he took the canoe alone, yes alone,  a few yards out and sat there and fished and then came back in after an hour.   I watched and beamed so hard !  I thought my grin from ear to ear would split my face. He did every step I have been showing him.  He’s a great swimmer too but followed all the safety steps.

THIS IS AMAZING – I don’t know if I would believe it if someone told me this could happen. This is my little boy, I would take for walks around an empty parking lot and he would just wave his plastic sword, mumble and mutter, but not talk to me while he was doing it.   Just wave that darn thing – I would even say, Hey Buddy, how about coming out of your head and talking to me.  Look at that dog over there.  Etc.   

This is my little boy, who when Brian called tonight, picked up the phone, greeted him like an Uncle, chatted about how great things are going and letting him know his goal of getting a record contract for 10 albums.

I am more awake now too.   Not feeling like an amoeba sliding through bed to meeting to parenting to chores to bed.  Doing this together – talking about the process, how we feel –   He tells me I’m way less grouchy and I totally agree.  SLEEP makes my life manageable; knowing he is progressing and Safe lowers my anxiety.   The balance in our lives – the Lighter Mood- we have fun together know.

I just can’t express the feeling it gives me to see this much growth and progression. I am more than happy to share with anyone the progress in me or my son.

We owe it to our kids to quit scrambling and help them get balanced and BE who they were Born to Be.   Locked in their head is NOT what the plan is for our kids.  Give them an opportunity to advance in life, and give yourself an opportunity to heal as well.  It’s a big deal.

I am so glad I found Brian – and it’s mind blowing that in ONE SHORT MONTH our world has changed… so can yours.

— Marie T.

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