Medical Intuitive Healing Testimonial

To those considering working w/ Brian Morse, I would like to share my experiences with Brian with you in hopes that they may prove helpful in making your decision.

I am a 58 year old woman who, 7 years ago, moved in next door to my mother to help her out as my father had died and she was getting older, had health issues she needed help with, needed company, etc. Unfortunately, this entailed moving from a part of the country I loved to a place I used to hate and had only in more recent years begun to feel fairly neutral about. (Yes, it’s where I grew up.)

I began to feel very poorly during the last year. I had various symptoms though nothing that seemed to add up to anything. One of my biggest concerns was my extreme sleep deprivation (due to many factors, including insomnia and anxiety) which caused me to feel extremely fatigued every day.

For the first time in my life, I began to fall asleep while sitting on the couch after dinner – quite uncontrollably. I mean, I wasn’t even aware I was falling asleep; I’d just wake up after who knows how long and realize I’d fallen asleep. Now I’d fallen asleep in this situation before but I’d always been aware that my eyes were starting to close, that I was nodding off and I’d either allow it or get up and go to bed. And that was something that had only been happening for a couple of years and I wasn’t too happy about it but I did feel I was in control.

So this new occurrence of sudden unconsciousness without any control on my part was greatly alarming to me. I’d also been quite depressed for some time as there were certain difficulties in my life that I saw no way out of and I saw no path to the attainment of what I wanted in my life.


Perhaps because I’d had a few supremely challenging health issues in the past which had knocked me out for several years, I felt sure I was headed towards another one. I can only say that I felt the presence of impending catastrophe in my life if I didn’t get some help soon. It was my own fault. I’d allowed the stresses in my life situation to go on for too long without enough attention to their dissipation and was beginning to pay the price through decreasing stamina and energy and an overall malaise in attitude that was quite crippling.

I don’t like to use regular doctors because I’ve not had much success with them, preferring alternative practitioners instead. With standard doctors, I usually just got tests that were inconclusive and they had no idea of what treatment to give me. They would give me pills or say to “Wait and see” if things changed in any way, meaning wait until things got bad enough that they could tell what was going on. But I wanted to stop things from getting worse so their approach did not work for me.

On the other hand, the problem with alternative practitioners is that you have to get the right one. Someone who does the kind of thing that you need AND someone who is good at it and that takes searching and referrals and it can sometimes seem quite daunting to find the right person. I expressed my concerns to my partner and he got busy on the computer looking for resources to help me. He found a number of healers and after researching them, decided that Brian was the best, so he gave me his number.

I called him right away and he called me back the same day. One of my complaints was an ongoing pain around my left ovary. I’d had a problem in that area in the past so was extra concerned. During the initial consultation, Brian relieved the pain so much that during the next few days it went from constant and a pain level of 4 or 5 to intermittent and a pain level of about 1, maybe 2. And then, as we continued to work together, it went to a rare occurrence and now, I have not had it in months. I was convinced that Brian knew what he was doing.

Fast forward about 4 months and the completion of the complete healing protocol, during which Brian cleared all of my bodily systems, bringing them back to zero, square one, and releasing all blocked energy, old programming and negative family upbringing. I no longer fall asleep AT ALL in the evenings (except of course when I go to bed) and I have so much energy, it feels like the same amount I had in my 20’s. I not only feel energized all the time but I feel more optimistic and I have begun to make significant changes in my day to day life that give me hope again that I can create my life to be what I want it to be.

I don’t know if I can explain it adequately, but I truly feel like I’m back to ground zero, my starting point, in terms of optimal health and now I also understand that it is up to me to make sure it continues by giving my body and soul the care and support they need.

Brian has given me a second chance and I am exceedingly grateful to him and to me and whatever propels me forward in this life for allowing us to dance together in my healing journey. I just feel like a whole new person.

Also, during the treatments, I had a bad fall down the stairs and injured my back. Brian worked on that area particularly in the next session and greatly relieved the pain and difficulty in moving and adjusted my spinal alignment, all which minimized the effects of the fall.

Another example I’d like to share with you is how Brian worked on my mother’s dog to relieve his suffering. This dog is a very large breed, is getting older and had begun having serious health issues rather suddenly. At that time, he became lethargic, lost his appetite and his abdomen seemed swollen.

We found out after doing extensive bloodwork and getting an exam at the vet, that his thyroid wasn’t working properly and the vet put him on thyroid medication. After researching, I learned that thyroid production naturally decreases in response to stress – when the stress response hormone, cortisol, is secreted, thyroid is decreased so that the cortisol will work better to combat stress. So we still don’t know what the stress was for the dog that triggered the reduction in thyroid hormone but the thyroid med’s were working for him. However, he also was very painful in one of his back legs, so that he limped all the time (perhaps from an old injury being triggered again) and yelped when getting up or down or didn’t try to move at all, which was very unlike him.

The vet gave him pain pills for 2 weeks, said to let him come off of them and see if his pain came back, stayed away or got worse. He was reluctant to have him take the pain med’s all the time as they are very hard on the liver and kidneys. I tried to get my mom to give Brian a try for her dog but she said she’d try the vet and if he couldn’t help him, she’d give Brian a try.

During the 2 weeks of pain med’s, the dog really improved. He began to move more easily and exhibited fewer symptoms of pain. Though he was still limping, it was a lot less. However, when we stopped the pain med’s after 2 weeks, the dog was in a lot of pain again, lethargic and unwilling to move around much, loss of appetite, etc.

At first, we called the vet to let him know and ask about refilling the prescription but his assistant was hesitant because of the hardship to the liver and kidneys and went to confer with him if it was okay to refill. She came back and said they would refill it but that he would have to have bloodwork to monitor his kidney and liver function once a month. Well, the bloodwork cost around $200 every time it was done, plus the price of the med’s AND with no guarantee that it would really work and a fair certainty that it would contribute to the animal’s decline in health for his liver and kidneys.

After considering all of this, I asked my mom if she would let Brian work on him. She consented and Brian put in a good amount of time working on her dog. He told us that there were problems in both hips, as well as one of the back “knees” (the one he’d been limping on), a problem with one of his shoulders and his spine in general. Brian aligned his spine and hips, worked on his shoulder and knee and some other general body systems work that the dog needed.

He called me when he was done to see how the dog was doing. He was lying in the back yard at the time so I went near to him and called him to get up, making him walk around a little. I saw absolutely no sign of his limp and have not seen it since (it’s been a couple of months now).

Over the next few days, the dog’s energy increased, he got his appetite and his happy attitude towards life back and though he is slowing down due to age (he’s about 10 years old and a mixed breed that the vet says should live 10 to 12 years), I can honestly say he has a much higher quality of life as a result of Brian’s work on him.

I called the vet and explained that we wouldn’t be needing the pain med’s (though we continue to give him the thyroid med’s). One other thing that happened is he began to favor his front left leg, not exactly a limp, like he was avoiding using it, but more like it was stiff or something going through the motion of walking. A sort of ka-chunk every step cycle his shoulder rolled through. This was the shoulder Brian saw as having problems so the only thing I could figure is that, having had some problem released, he was getting adjusted to using the full joint again after perhaps using only part of it. This odd gait continued for several weeks and eventually went away. Now he has an even gait on all legs.

Well, I hope this information allows you to make the decision that is correct for you at this time. I know for myself, working with Brian was one of the best decisions I ever made. And when considering the cost, I can only say, it is cheap, cheap, cheap! Though it was not easy for me to pay it, I knew it would be far costlier for me in the long run not to pay it. Not just in terms of money, but in terms of time, health and my life in general.

I am so very glad that Brian was able to work with me, to help me recover my life and my strength of attitude.
Thank you, Brian! And I wish all who are reading this a speedy solution to your health/life concerns. My best to you all.

With love,  Anna S.


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